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Mercury Sable

The Mercury sable has undergone a number of changes in its design and performance and a complete design was launched out in the year 1996. This design remained the base model for the years to come and this continued till the year 2005. Between this span of time, just one major change had taken place besides the occasional minor ones, and that was the introduction of a major sheet metal in the interiors. The production however had suddenly stopped in the year 2004. It continued to be sold for the next year, but went completely off the market in the year August, 2005. It managed to resurface again in the year 2007 where it was promoted as the Mercury Montego. However due to the publicity and popularity of the previous named version of Mercury sable the manufacturers decided to stick with the earlier name. This time the production was for a full sized sedan as compared to that of a previous mid size sedan. However another major drastic drop in the sales was seen in the year 2009, just a year after its production and the production of this car ended in the month of November, 2009.