Ford Freestyle Accessories

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Ash Cup/Coin Holder The Ford Ash Cup-Coin Holder is the perfect way to keep your ashes or spare change in place. The ash cup/coin holder includes a lid to keep ashes or spare change in place, and it's constructed of a durable thermoplastic that removes easily for cleaning. It's also perfect for use in cupholders, so you can always have your money and your ashes with you.


Regular Price $35.07

Production Carpeted Floor Mats, 4-Piece Set * Medium Pebble(interior trim code -7*) * Premium-grade carpeting is custom fit to the exact contour of your vehicle. * Driver-side mats have single pin retention, and all mats have a nib backing to help prevent slippage.


Regular Price $125.25

Guard against mud, snow and ice. Durable splash guards are embossed with Ford oval logo. Packaged in a 2-piece set for rear.


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Bumper Mounted Warning Sensors by Echomaster - Reverse * The Rear Sensing System provides up to 7 feet of coverage behind the vehicle. * When the vehicle is engaged in reverse gear, the ultrasonic sensors start silently scanning behind the vehicle. * Once in range of sensors, audio tone starts beeping, speeding up as object gets closer, until 1-2 feet away a solid tone is heard. * Sensor requires Installation Tool Kit(VAS4Z-15A866-C, sold separately) to properly install at correct angles.


Regular Price $314.46

Vehicle Security System - Alarm Protect your vehicle and its contents with a state-of-the-art security system. Includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty on parts (contact dealer for complete details). Dealer installation recommended. NOTE: Vehicles equipped with a security system may be eligible for insurance discounts in some states/provinces. * Two-step perimeter alarm gives a warning chirp for non-threatening impacts and a Real Panic Sound if security is threatened. * IT-s (Interior Theft Sensor) uses infrared technology to protect the vehicles contents. * Factory-supplied transmitter remotely locks/unlocks doors and deactivates the alarm. * Dome lights are activated for illuminated entry/exit. * For vehicles equipped with factory keyless entry. Vehicle Notes: Not for use with PEPS.


Regular Price $242.70

Open-Ended, Chrome-Plated, For Exposed Lugs. Includes (4) Lock Lugs and (1) Key For added protection against wheel theft, replace one lug nut on each wheel with one of these locks. Open-ended, anodized, zinc-plated locks available for hidden lugs; chrome-plated locks available for exposed lugs. Kit includes four locks and key.


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For added protection against wheel theft, replace one lug nut on each wheel with these locks. Open-ended, anodized, zinc-plated locks available for hidden lugs. Kit includes four locks and key.


Regular Price $70.14

Freestyle Accessories

The Ford Freestyle is a fine crossover type vehicle that combines the best of a car and SUV. The ride and handling of the Ford Freestyle is one feature that really gets your attention. Another attention getter is to see a new Ford Freestyle equipped with genuine Ford accessories. Freestyle owners protect their new vehicle´s interior with Ford all weather floor mats and they protect the exterior with a full vehicle cover. Many Freestyle owners add classic side window deflectors and rear window deflectors along with a stylish wraparound bug shield designed to protect and complement the vehicle´s lines. The Ford Freestyle equipped with genuine Ford accessories is quite the vehicle to own and a pleasure to drive. It also gets good gas mileage ( 20 city / 27 highway FWD) for a vehicle that will carry up to 7 passengers.