Mercury Milan Accessories

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Ash Cup/Coin Holder * Designed to fit in cupholders, the ash cup/coin holder includes a lid to keep ashes or spare change in place. * It's constructed of a durable thermoplastic and removes easily for cleaning.


Regular Price $35.07

Ash Cup With Lighter Element, Includes Adapter Rings. ** Add an ash cup and a lighter to your vehicle. * The ash cup/coin holder is designed to fit in cup holders and includes a lid to keep ashes or spare change in place. * Constructed of a durable thermoplastic and removes easily for cleaning. * Both the ash cup and lighter mount to the center console.


Regular Price $70.14

Cargo Area Protector * Durable, lightweight tray is molded to the contours of your vehicle. * Raised lip helps contain spills. * Installs and removes easily. * Available only in Black. Vehicle Notes: Not for use with Hybrid models.


Regular Price $128.59

Floor Mats - All-Weather Vinyl, Single Pin Retention * The grooves and ridges in these heavy-duty mats catch and hold snow, slush and mud, while protecting your vehicle carpeting. * Nibbed backing and driver-side single pin retention help keep mats in place. * Packaged as a 4-piece set. * For vehicles built before 12/1/09.


Regular Price $76.50

Moonroof Deflector * Extremely durable, smoke-colored acrylic deflector allows fresh air in. * Installs easily. Not available with Satellite Radio option.


Regular Price $75.16

Locking Gas Cap To prevent loss, a plastic tether attaches cap to the vehicle. Swing-away cover helps keep moisture and debris out of locking mechanism. Includes two keys.


Regular Price $53.97

Racks and Carriers by THULE - Flat Kayak Carrier * Premium saddle combination guides and sets the kayak for smooth loading, unloading and transportation. * Fits on Ford or Thule Cross Bars. * Rear-mounted Hydro-Glide felt lined saddles guide kayak and provide low friction loading/unloading. * Front-mounted Set-to-Go" form fitting saddles grip the surface of the hull for increased lateral stability and protection. * Integrated rubber pads protect the hull and help hold the kayak in place for transportation. * Carries 1 kayak and requires 1 person to load and unload. * Includes all straps to transport 1 kayak. * Up to 2 carriers per vehicle. * Accommodates kayaks up to 34" wide and 75lbs.


Regular Price $279.39

Upright Bike Carrier * Rock-solid upright carrier with easy to use clamp design at a great value. * The easy to use upright bike carrier that accommodates bike frames up to 3 1/8" in diameter. * NOTE: This is a Ford Licensed Accessories Product - see your dealer for limited warranty and other details.


Regular Price $256.01

DVD Remote Control - DVD Rear Entertainment System by Audiovox/Nextbase ** This remote is intended for the award-winning Audiovox/Nextbase system, NOT for Invision DVD players. * Includes 1 remote control and 2 AAA batteries. * NOTE: This is a Ford Licensed Accessory - see your dealer for limited warranty and other details.


Regular Price $22.21

Audiovox Cable Yo-Yo for Stanchion Mounts * Cable Yo-Yo is used for connecting two CLICK Headrest Mounts or two CLICK Stanchion Mounts together. * When the mounts are connected, they can share the same power source and the players can share the same movie or play two different movies on two screens.


Regular Price $33.90

Bumper Mounted Warning Sensors by Echomaster - Reverse * The Rear Sensing System provides up to 7 feet of coverage behind the vehicle. * When the vehicle is engaged in reverse gear, the ultrasonic sensors start silently scanning behind the vehicle. * Once in range of sensors, audio tone starts beeping, speeding up as object gets closer, until 1-2 feet away a solid tone is heard. * Sensor requires Installation Tool Kit(VAS4Z-15A866-C, sold separately) to properly install at correct angles.


Regular Price $314.46

Park Assist - Installation Tool Kit * Installation Tool Kit required to properly install at correct angles.


Regular Price $68.97

Remote Start Bi-Directional 100 Series * The ultimate convenience. * With Fords newest remote start system, there is no need to see the vehicle to know that it has started. * Simply press the start button and when the engine starts up, the button flashes green and the key fob beeps to confirm. * The system features Real Panic Sound, Progressive Car Find and can start/stop the engine from up to 1000. * Requires automatic transmission. * Includes One Bi-Directional Keyfob and Interface Kit #4.4 (8L3Z-19G365-BA) * Taurus: Without Push Button Start * On vehicles equipped with MyKey the engine will shut down when any door or trunk/liftgate is opened.


Regular Price $499.33

Vehicle Security System - Alarm Protect your vehicle and its contents with a state-of-the-art security system. Includes a Lifetime Limited Warranty on parts (contact dealer for complete details). Dealer installation recommended. NOTE: Vehicles equipped with a security system may be eligible for insurance discounts in some states/provinces. * Two-step perimeter alarm gives a warning chirp for non-threatening impacts and a Real Panic Sound if security is threatened. * IT-s (Interior Theft Sensor) uses infrared technology to protect the vehicles contents. * Factory-supplied transmitter remotely locks/unlocks doors and deactivates the alarm. * Dome lights are activated for illuminated entry/exit. * For vehicles equipped with factory keyless entry. Vehicle Notes: Not for use with PEPS.


Regular Price $242.70

Open-Ended, Zinc-Plated For Hidden Lugs, Includes (4) Lock Lugs and (1) Key. For added protection against wheel theft, replace one lug nut on each wheel with one of these locks. Chrome-plated locks (shown) available for exposed lugs; open-ended, anodized, zinc-plated locks available for hidden lugs. Kit includes four locks and key.


Regular Price $64.28

Wheel Locks

Wheel Locks - Chrome Plated For Exposed Lugs * For added protection against wheel theft, replace one lug nut on each wheel with one of these chrome-plated locks. * Kit includes 4 locks and a key.


Regular Price $64.28

Mercury Milan

The 2010 Mercury Milan is a welcome revamp that helps to alleviate the concerns of previous model owners. The 4 cylinder engine provides excellent fuel economy while still offering other useful features like all wheel drive. The Mercury Milan seems to be part of a comprehensive effort by Ford to clean up it's car designs and offer a much more competitive vehicle. Like the much applauded Ford Fusion, many of the flaws of previous model years have been corrected and in some cases go well beyond the call of duty. The style changes to the 2010 Milan are a welcome change and include improved ergonomics and a much more attractive design. In an already crowded market place where many family sedans seemed to be created equal, these small edges ahead will help give the Milan more of a presence in the sector.